Mediacenter now running Windows 7

Windows 7 is released publicly today. I grabbed a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium intending to install it on my mediacenter this weekend, but since there was no good show to record tonight, I went ahead and installed it right away. Windows 7 x64 installation was pretty sweet and smooth, but once again the VFD/IRTrans drivers cost me a few additional hours (refer to my Vista experience).

Unlike with Vista, Windows 7 already installed the latest VFD driver, so my first attempt was to manually install the previous downloaded IRTrans software (v06.09.01). It didn’t work – my MCE keyboard and remote clicks would not register. Adjusting IRTrans settings didn’t help.

After a bit of online research, I noticed that a much newer version (v09.10.09) of IRTrans software was available. This version contained a x64 binary, which I realized might be the difference as my Vista was x86. Unfortunately IRTrans setup.exe failed as it complained its inability to install Visual C++ Runtime 8 SP1 x64. My workaround? Download it manually before running IRTrans setup.

I chose to install IRTrans as a service, but that didn’t work. In the end I disabled the service and added IRTrans USB shortcut to Startup folder.

And now my mediacenter is once again fully operational. Windows 7 MediaCenter is much, much better over Vista’s.

[Update] Well, I thought the mediacenter and its remote controls were fully functional, but it wasn’t until later that I realized I couldn’t turn on/off the PC with the remote. This used to require some setup in XP but just worked in Vista (see my previous Vista post). With Windows 7, the same instructions didn’t work – the Learn Command window simply wouldn’t pick up the power button press. What ultimately worked for me was this:

  1. Skip the “Learn Command” altogether.
  2. Open IRTrans GUI Client, select Mode->Device Status.
  3. In the “PowerON Remote/Command”, use the predefined “mediacenter”/”power” pair instead of “skpower”/”powerbutton”.
  4. Click on “Set Mode”.

Now my mediacenter is fully operational.  *fingers crossed*

[Update @ 2009-10-24T13:55-8:00] Turned out the skip forward and back buttons didn’t work out of ‘box’. I had to follow instructions at IRTrans forum to enable them:

Edit C:\Program Files\IRTrans\remotes\apps.cfg
At the end of [COMMANDS] section, add the following




Reload IR database to use the new config.

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  1. Great job DKL, great job.
    Are you member of this ( forum?


  2. No, I am not a member of avsforum. I did read up on avsforum back when I was looking for HTPC and HDTVs.

  3. DKL – Thanks for the great post, I am building a HTPC using Win 7 x64 and just ran into this probloem this morning.

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